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Adventure Time Everything Burrito Game


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  • 2–4 Players
  • Age: 6+

Can you get 10 ingredients into your burrito to win? Comes with optional play food and tortilla. Who doesn't remember this epic show? Now you can build your own everything burrito with things you've scavenged from all over. Combine these with the food that comes with the game and you have your very own unique classic. First player to wrap it all up wins! Awesome!

On a player's turn, they will roll the action die and either swap items form their set with another player, take an ingredient from the pile in the center, swipe an item from another player to add to their set, or draw a card. Each card contains a description of an item the player must find around their home to add to their burrito (something red, something smooth, something shiny, etc.) Once a player turns over a card an hourglass is flipped giving the player 2 minutes to find the necessary item and add it to their pile. After the 10th item is placed in the pile the player must be able to fold their tortilla and make two opposing edges touch in order to become the winner.

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