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Android Netrunner LCG 2017 World Champion Runner Deck Hayley Kaplan

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Lock down the corporation’s servers with the Android: Netrunner 2017 World

Champion Runner Deck that uses  Hayley Kaplan  (Breaker Bay, 25), the Universal Scholar. As a Shaper, Haley has access to tools that allow you to search your stack for the perfect rig.  Artist Colony  (Kala Ghoda, 9) can find any card in your deck, while Fan Site can easily act as the agenda you have to sacrifice to make the Colony run smoothly. 

With Hayley Kaplan’s ability, you can get great click compression, installing two cards for only one of your four clicks. If you take advantage of this frequently, you can find yourself running out of cards, your click efficiency offset by the need to always be drawing. However, the Android: Netrunner 2017 World Champion Runner Deck offers a variety of solutions to keep your grip stocked. The most versatile of these methods is the Laguna Velasco District (Terminal Directive, 22). While the District can be expensive to install, the reward is substantive. Every time you use a click to draw a card, you draw an additional card. This completely offsets the imbalance in Hayley’s ability, and it's enough on its own to keep your grip stocked up at minimal cost. However, the deck also offers plenty of other ways to get your draw engine running.

Astrolabe  (Up and Over, 79) can further stock your grip every time the corp creates a new server, and Beth Kilrain-Chang  (Blood Money, 30) can give you a free draw at the start of your turn based on how many credits the corp has. With all this card draw, you could find yourself in danger of emptying your stack, but a single copy of Levy AR Lab Access (Creation and Control, 35) can allow you to start the cycle all over again.  

With a constant feed of cards and an ability that can unleash those cards into your rig in rapid succession, the Android Netrunner 2017 World Champion Runner Deck is a well-oiled machine.

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