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Adorable Pandaring

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  • 3–5 Players
  • 5–10 Min Playing Time
  • Age: 10+

Your goal (both in life and in this game) is to have the most adorable pandas. However, the fickle Panda Laws of Adorableness change often, and with them which pandas are adorable. Playing your pandas cleverly and navigating the Laws well will reward you in bamboo! You want that.

The gameplay of Adorable Pandaring is easy to learn. The deck consists of four copies each of ten pandas, numbered 1-10, and four Panda Law cards [High(6-10), Low(1-5), Even, Odd]. On your turn you will play one hidden panda face down, and one panda face up. Your face up panda uses a special ability to do something -- steal a panda, change the Panda Law, or even gain bamboo!

The Red Panda sits in the middle of the table, ready to award bamboo. If your turn starts and you can see four currently adorable pandas (by the Panda Law), scoring happens. You take the Red Panda card, and follow the instructions on the back. All hidden pandas are revealed, and everyone with at least two adorable pandas in play gets a bamboo. The player(s) with the most adorable pandas get a second bonus bamboo. Then, all adorable pandas are shuffled back into the deck (Other pandas remain). You choose a new Panda Law, and play continues. When someone gets to five bamboo, they win!

Games last 5-15 minutes, and Adorable Pandaring can be played with 3-5 players.

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