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A Bard Day's Night

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You and your fellow tight-belted minstrels meet at the Hungry Troubadour Tavern. There is precious little coin to be found here, but there are vegetables galore to fill your empty bellies if you sing for your supper.

A Bard Day’s Night is a 2-4 player card game of bidding, bluffing, and belting out verses. Players compose ballads by putting together verses made of 5 cards. The ballad cards can combine into over 2 million different hilarious sentences like “A One-Eyed Barn Cat Charms a Lonely Vampire Who is Cursing a Vindictive Warlock.”

In playing cards, they also receive a reward of onions, tomatoes, or cabbages tossed at them! Using that bounty of food, bards bid on the right to perform each part of the verse for the crowded house of tavern-goers. The winners collect those ballad cards, hoping to have the majority of certain symbols by the end of the game. When playing the game, the bottom of the box also serves as the tavern table, holding extra food cards for those who lose their bids.
Play continues until the tavern closes for the night, after which the bards are awarded coins for having the majority of each theme. The minstrel with the most coin in their pocket wins!