WizKids 4D Settings: Gas Station

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The Gas Station is the first offering from WizKids in our 4D Settings line to feature a modern setting. The Gas Station provides you with set pieces for a modern gas station. With a variety of cover pieces like the Station Sign, Soda Machine or Ice chest, it`s perfect for wargame set dressing. The gas can, tires or even 55-Gallon Drums serve as great interactive objects for games like Heroclix.

The set include:

  • 3x Single 55-Gallon Drums
  • 2x 55-Gallon Drums Trio
  • 3x Tire Stack
  • 2x Tire Single
  • 2x Single Gas Pump
  • 2x Double Gas Pump
  • 2x Gas Can
  • 2x Fire Extinguisher
  • 2x Gas Station Trash Can
  • 1x Air Pump
  • 1x Station Sign
  • 1x Ice Chest
  • 1x Large Propane Tank
  • 1x Soda Machine.

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