Bescon Complete 13ct Polyhedral Dice Set Red


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  • EACH SET INCLUDES: 1pc D3: 16mm; 1pc D4: 20mm; 1pc D6: 16mm; 1pc D8: 16mm; 1pc D10: 16mm; 1pc D%: 16mm; 1pc D12: 18mm; 1pc D20: 20mm; 1pc D24: 22mm; 1pc D30: 25mm; 1pc D50: 30mm; 1pc D60: 35mm; 1pc D100: 45MM
  • DIFFERENT COLOR VARIATIONS: Available in different colors such as solid Black, White, Purple and Red.
  • DURABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Our Polyhedral RPG dice set is made from solid plastic, waterproof, durable and hardwearing and is made to last long for years.
  • PERFECT FOR GAMEPLAY: This is the best gaming dice for RPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, Warhammer, Savage World, Heroscape and many other RPG and card games
  • QUALITY CONTROL: No cracks, chips or damage. Every dnd dice set is carefully inspected and checked for quality control ensuring that you'll only get the best dice here, no cracks, chips or any damage.

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