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Ultimate Guard Battle-Mat 3' Playmat Deep Space (10663)

Ultimate Guard

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Perfectly sized 3’ play-mat, easily expandable with other Ultimate Guard Battle-Mats. Width: 3' (91.44mm), Height: 3' (91.44mm), Thickness: 2 mm.

Easily expandable
No rounded corners for an easy expansion with other Ultimate Guard Battle-Mats and Tiles

Perfect for gameplay
Protects gaming cards and accessories during gameplay

3' x 3' Battle-Mat
Extra space for a boundless gaming experience

Anti-slip backside
The anti-slip texture on the backside keeps the Play-Mat safely in place for maximum gaming grip

Extra thick
2 mm soft-cushioned Play-Mat

Natural rubber
Generating fewer secondary wastes and less environmental impact

Premium acid free material
Ideal fabric for perfect dice rolling effect.

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