One Piece TCG "super" pre-release


Sorry for the late information on this and the lack of real information from Bandai on this.

The event will be Saturday, October 1st at 1pm.  

1. Each Player must purchase 1 of the 4 Pre Release Special starter Decks to participate.

2. The Starter Decks are ready to go out of the box, so no deck building is required: you can jump straight in!

3. Players will be matched with an opponent via the TCG+ app

4. Each match will be a best of 3 - 60 minute rounds.  (3 rounds)

5. The winner will receive a special Silver Foil "winner" stamped Monkey.D.Luffy (p-001) and 1x Promotion Pack 2022

6. Each participant will receive 1x Monkey.D.Luffy (P-001) and 1x Promotion Pack 2022

7. Once the event is finished each player can purchase 1 each of the remaining 3 types of starter decks that they didn't start with (so you can have all 4 different ones when you are done)

This event only supports 8 people and those who signed up on the TCG+ app are the ones who will have access to it.  We apologize for not knowing this sooner, but Bandai has been awful about providing info to stores (especially since we signed up for this in March and haven't heard anything since then)

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