CGG Cares 2024

CGG Cares 2024: Not-So-Reject Rare Re-Draft!

CGG's annual Rare Redraft event is back! Come join us for a one-of-a-kind draft experience!

  • Saturday, April 6
  • Noon Start Time
  • Entry Fee: $30
  • All Proceeds will go to the Extra Life Children's Hospital Charity
  • Limited to 80 Participants.
  • Pre-register here!

What's a rare redraft?
As a charity event, we need you to donate RARE/MYTHIC RARE cards you would like to see in the event! Our Magic pros will then use these donations to create draft boosters of nothing but Rare and Mythic Rare cards (and maybe some non-rare mana fixing).

You can also donate bulk rares! There is a bulk rare collection box located by the judge desk in our play space. We need your bulk rares, and every single card donated will be used in the draft or in prize packs.

However, the best way to help is to donate those jaw-dropping cards in your collection to help make this draft a memorable one! Anyone who donates an individual card valued at $15 or more will be entered into a drawing for special prizes! Each card worth  $15 or more will get you one raffle ticket.

If you have a $15+ single card donation to make, check in with the judges or staff when you're in the shop to have your photo taken with the card for our Wall of Fame! 

As an incentive for you to donate those good rares - there are some prizes based on the final value of rares donated!

  1. The person who donates the highest value individual card will receive a COMMANDER MASTERS COLLECTOR BOOSTER BOX!
  2. The people who donate the 2nd, 3rd and 4th highest value card will receive a Commander Masters Collector Booster Pack!
  3. Each card donated above $15 gives the donor a raffle ticket entry where we will raffle off different Secret Lairs! (Secret Lairs will be announced on the day of the event.)

New Prize Alert!
We also have a new special prize this year: For the 8 players who donate the highest cumulative value of rares, you will earn entry into a special High Roller Rochester Chaos Draft! We will provide 24 packs for you to Rochester draft and then do an 8-person draft pod with. Expect some crazy packs for this, from collector boosters to packs from Masters and high-value sets. You won't want to miss this!

Special Bonus!
During the event, we'll give you the opportunity to donate more and spice up your game a little!
  • For $5 you will receive a set of 3 cards that are usable once!
  • Each of these cards lets you do something unique: a free mulligan, a land grab or add one mana.
  • They will have special rules and be torn up after use! But you can donate enough to get some for each round if you want!
Thank you!
Thank you to the players at Common Ground Games and beyond who have helped make this Not-So-Reject Rare Draft possible! Every repack used for this special draft event has been made using donated mythics, rares, and promos.


CGG Cares 2024: D&D Epic - The Enemy of My Enemy

Join us for a massive D&D experience unlike any other! A D&D Epic has an entire room of players working together in a common storyline! Picture D&D, but more like a cooperative raid. Multiple tables playing the same adventure, but the events at one table may impact the events that happen at another table. Super Fun!

This year the Epic adventure will be The Enemy of My Enemy (for Tier 2 characters)!
The Red Wizards are interested in more than just crystals, as are other factions in Cormyr. Which are friends, and which are foes? Strange happenings in Suzail may hold the answers..."

  • 5pm Check In Begins
  • 6pm Epic Begins!
  • Entry is a $15 tax-free donation, plus you'll be able to purchase $1 ReRolls during the event!
  • Event is capped at 70 players
  • Pre-register here!

All proceeds go to supporting Extra Life: Children's Medical Center!