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Slinking in the shadows, countless heinous, warp-worshipping Chaos Cults corrupt the weak of mind and soul across the Emperor’s realm. One of Humanity’s strongest lines of defence against such insidious threats is the Inquisition – a clandestine organisation that can call on the most zealous and feared operatives in all the Imperium. Their endless task is to root out and crush any sign of heresy they uncover – and on the world of Exhalus, blighted by war and warp alike, Inquisitorial Agents and mutated Chaos Cults stalk one another through gloomy underhive crawlways, steaming sumps, and rusting industrial ruins.

Kill Team: Ashes of Faith is a campaign expansion box for Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team, the ultimate sci-fi skirmish game. It includes 40 plastic miniatures to create extensive rosters for two new Kill Teams – the relentless Inquisitorial Agents and their Ancillary Support operatives, up against the sinister heretics of a Chaos Cult, who mutate into powerful new forms mid-game – as well as two books full of background material, rules for both kill teams, a new campaign system and missions, plus new campaign cards, game tiles, and reusable stickers.

In this box, you will find:

- 40x plastic miniatures: Two full kill teams with extensive rosters, including new Inquisitorial Agent miniatures available for the first time in this box, featuring a wide array of customisation and alternate assembly options. Extra components allow for deep personalisation of your kill team, and many models can be assembled with multiple options.

Inquisitorial Agents Kill Team:

– Seven all-new Inquisitorial Agent miniatures, available for the first time in this set – festooned with incredible details

– Includes alternate build options for specialists like the Death World Veteran, Enlightener, Questkeeper, and Mystic

– Joined by 10 Ancillary Support operatives with plenty of build options – five Militarum Tempestus Scions and five Sisters of Silence, with a transfer sheet including 202 markings

Chaos Cult Kill Team:

– 23 Chaos Cult models, including 10 low-ranking Chaos Cultists, five Accursed Mutants, and three twisted Torments

– Commanded by a Dark Commune of five mysterious leaders – a Cult Demagogue, an Iconarch, a Mindwitch, and two Blessed Blades

– Earn eldritch blessings to mutate your lowly operatives into new and terrible forms each game

- 1x 72-page softback Kill Team: Ashes of Faith factions book: This manual provides background material, new rules, datacards, and narrative tables for Chaos Cult kill teams that mutate mid-game, as well as the Inquisitorial Agent kill teams who hunt them – and their extensive Ancillary Support operatives, such as Tempestus Scions and Sisters of Silence.

- 1x 40-page softback Kill Team: Ashes of Faith campaign book: This book introduces the two-player Ashes of Faith campaign, where players fight through multiple games of Kill Team to root out their enemy or complete a dark ritual. These rules can be used with any kill team in narrative, open, or matched play, and include a variety of unique missions and territory.

- Ashes of Faith campaign tools: These accessories will let you run a full Ashes of Faith campaign, including a set of territory tiles with reusable stickers for tracking your control and knowledge of each area, plus an extensive deck of cards including Ruses, Conspirators, Schemes, Territories, Rewards, and more.

– 6x 250mm x 250mm Ashes of Faith Territory Tiles

– 77x Ashes of Faith Campaign Cards.

– 1x Ashes of Faith Sticker Sheet, including 63 reusable friction stickers

These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Colour paints.

You'll need a copy of the Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team Core Book to make full use of this supplement.

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