Warhammer 40,000 9e Datacards Space Wolves

Warhammer 40,000 9e Datacards Space Wolves

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Expected Release 11/7/20

  • A set of handy Datacards for use in games of Warhammer 40,000 alongside Space Wolves armies
  • Contains 36 cards for various Space Wolves abilities: 23x Stratagems, 7x Psychic Powers and 6x Deed and Saga Cards

Unleash the savage fury and noble spirit of the Space Wolves with these handy reference cards! Each set is great for quickly referring to your rules, making sure you'll pick the right Stratagem or psychic powers for your battles with ease. Also included are a set of cards designed to easily track your Sagas and Deeds – rules unique to the Space Wolves that reward heroism on the battlefield!

This pack contains the following datacards:

- 7x core Stratagems
- 16x Space Wolves Stratagems
- 1x Smite psychic power
- 6x psychic power cards (for the Tempestas discipline)
- 6x Deed and Saga cards

You will need a copy of Codex: Space Marines, Codex Supplement: Space Wolves and the Warhammer 40,000 Core Book to make full use of these cards.

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